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Welcome to Mindfully Alice: Wellness and lifestyle.

Updated: Nov 23, 2023

Hello Friends,

I'm Alice and this is my Blog. If you've come this far, then I want to say a big welcome! Mindfully Alice is a hub where nature lovers, wellness seekers and world changers can discover practical ways to develop their mindful lifestyle.

I am an empath, a visionary and a creative human. I spend my daily life, on emotional rollercoasters, ambitious trains, clouds of dreams and challenging pathways. I love the gift of life that has been given to me and I know that storms will pass and laughter will always be my best medicine. However, what I know more than anything, is I can't do this alone. I need supportive community, family, compassion, time of introspection as well as serving others. From my short existence on this planet Earth, I have leant that yes, the basic needs of survival are shelter, water, fire and food but second to that, we need companionship, good health, to express our emotions and to keep learning.

My hope is that Mindfully Alice creates a space for individuals to grow and for a community of like-minded people to come together to share experiences in this life.

This Blog will bring helpful tips and advice for improving wellness and lifestyle, through Yoga, Nature, Mindful Living, opening up about Mental health and of course, yummy food.


So, all that is left to say is, welcome to the Family!

Scroll, click and browse your way through this site to discover the next part of your Wellness Journey.

Why not leave a comment to say 'hello' and introduce yourself and keep an eye out for our monthly deals to help support your wellness journey.

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