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How to be sustainable with your soap and suds.

Updated: Nov 23, 2023

I love Soap Bars. I love that they are plastic free. I love how they lather and I love how naturally produced they can be with zero chemicals. I am a Soap Maker and I am passionate about spreading the benefits of using Soap. Read more with my Blog post: Benefits of using Soap Bars.

In this Blog Post I'll be explaining how to make the most out of your Soap bars, with some fun tips to keep them lasting and avoid common mistakes, such as, your Soap rapidly disintegrating, buying into plastic production and overspending. I have made all of these mistakes over time and it wasn't until I began making my own Soap and experimenting with how I use each bar that I realised I wasn't being sustainable and there really is an easy way to reduce waste.

Read on to discover my Top Tips for making sustainable choices with your soap and help your suds last the test of time.


We spend so much money on cosmetic, beauty, hygiene and homeware products but do we actually use them all. I don't have enough fingers to count the amount of times I have opened a draw in my home and chucked away endless amounts of products because they have gone way past their use by date. I pick up cheap bottle of shower gel, or multiple bottles of shampoo because they on offer. They go into a dark cupboard and never see the light of day because I forget about them or don't have the time to use them before they go off. Not to mention the plastic waste!

Purchasing a product, only when we absolutely need it, is a sustainable approach to a healthy planet and a healthy wallet! Plus we have a lot more space in the cupboards when we don't overload them with unnecessary items.

Tip #2 - CHOP IT UP

So, you've got your new Soap bar (because you need it) and you're ready to lather up. An option before you start your first wash, is to chop your Soap bar into smaller bars to have it lasting longer. Simply take a knife and (being careful of fingers) slice the bar into as many pieces as you would like- with Mindfully Alice Soap I would suggest cutting into three chunks. I love chopping up my Soap bars because this way, I can spread the Soap across your home, using one Soap in three different rooms.

Tip #3 - KEEP IT DRY

One of the biggest mistakes made with storing Soap is that when wet, if it isn't stored correctly, it can disintegrate at a swift rate. A soap dish that is designed like a bowl with a smooth flat surface will have the soap sitting in moisture meaning the lather will keep coming when you aren't using it, making the soap slimy. A Soap dish with ridges, lifts the soap and allows air to pass underneath the Soap rather than water. This means the Soap dries quicker and so saves more suds!


You might think this idea is a little silly to begin with but here's why I put Soap in my draws (I'm talking about the furniture not the underwear). Soap holds such delightful smells, sometimes they smell good enough to eat! When I handcraft a Soap, I place them in little cotton bags which I then place into draws around my home so that they always smell fresh and and clean. When it's time to use the Soap, I simply take it out and use as a normal Soap. This way the Soap has already had a life and a purpose before adding water!


Taking a bar of Soap on your travels is a great way to reduce space in your luggage as it is smaller than a bottle of body wash. Plus if you chop up your Soap, you'll have a bitesize portion to keep you clean with less waste. The bonus is that Soap is quicker drying when stored correctly so it can easily be packed into luggage half way through use.


So, now you know how to keep your Soap bar lasting the test of time, why not test these tips out for yourself? If you have been struggling with Soap and storing it correctly then these tips will definitely help- they've certainly helped me! I'd love to hear how you get on, so comment below with your experience. Let me know if there are any other tips you'd like to know when it comes to living a conscious lifestyle.

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