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I am grounded: Chair Pose

Updated: Nov 23, 2023

Chair Pose is a rich, fiery posture, strengthening every part of the body. When discovered, the whole body is united in a fierce and demanding structure.

Name: Chair Pose

Sanskrit Name: Utkatasana

Type of Pose: Standing Posture

Level: 2


· Shoulder injury: bring hands to heart centre or to the hips.

· Ankle, Hip, Knee, Spinal injury: stand with feet hip width apart.


· Improves balance

· Strengthens the core, legs and ankles

· Opens chest and shoulders

Pose Breakdown

1. Stand in Mountain Pose.

2. Begin to bend the knees and sink the sit bones towards the ground.

3. Bring your arms above your head hugging the arms beside your ears.

4. Engage your core and lengthen the spine. Open the chest and pull up through the crown of the head.

5. Keep your inner thighs parallel to each other and engage all the muscles in your body.

6. Hold your Chair Pose for 30 seconds to a minute.


· Hold hands at heart centre or on the hips.

Common Misalignments

Misalignment: Knees overshooting the toes.

Correction: Shift the weight into the heels by sinking the sit bones down towards the ground and lifting the chest.

Misalignment: Spine rounding and chest collapsing.

Correction: Lift the chest open towards the sky

Misalignment: Shoulders hunched up to the ears

Correction: Remember to draw the shoulders back and down.


· Use a chair for increased support and comfort

Prep Poses

· Mountain Pose

· Deep Forward Fold

Follow Up Poses

· Deep Forward Fold

· Twisted Chair

· Awkward Chair

Counter Poses

· Bridge

· Deep Forward Fold

· Cobra

Top Tip

Squeeze a block or a book between the thighs to engage the adductors.

Breakdown individual postures with our Yoga Blog to ensure you guide your personal Yoga practice with good alignment, strength and safety.

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